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"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15


The Lord gave us the word "Beyond" as a theme in 2020.  For the next three years BEYOND was instrumental in transforming our ministry.  In 2020, our theme was SEEING BEYOND, in 2021 it was GOING BEYOND and in 2022 it was LIVING BEYOND.  The Lord then spoke to us again about BEYOND.  BEYOND would no longer be a theme but would become a program.  

On Empowered Sunday, March 10, 2024, we launched the GOING BEYOND program. This is structured program built on the preaching, teaching and healing ministry of Jesus.  The focus of GOING BEYOND is to go beyond the walls of the church, go beyond hesitation, go beyond doubt, go beyond fear and go beyond everything holding us back, into the community to fulfill the great commission.  We must become the hands, feet and voice of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit to make a difference in the lives of people.  

GOING BEYOND provides incredible opportunities to serve, build relationships, impact the community and grow in your faith.  We are excited for all of our partners, working together for greater outcomes.  We are Empowered to GO BEYOND and CREATE CHANGE in our communities and the lives of people. Below you will find an overview of several aspects of the GOING BEYOND program that you may want to join and a link to track your community impact hours as we work towards our goal of 2500 hours of community impact in 2024. It's GO time!!!


We have partnered with Crossroads for Prisoners Canada to launch a prison ministry at ESP.  Crossroads has a long history of discipling people who are incarcerated across North America.  Through our partnership with Crossroads Canada, you have the opportunity to become a mentor to inmates through a correspondence program.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, click the link below to sign-up as a potential volunteer.

We are hosting an interest meeting on Monday March 25th at 7:30pm.  Zoom link details will be provided to those who sign-up.

Prison ministry sign-up


We are excited to launch our own prayer line ministry in partnership with Crossroads Christian Communications through their new Anyone Pray platform.  Through this opportunity, you can answer calls into the ESP prayer line from your home and pray with those calling in for assistance.  Training will be provided through the Crossroads Prayer Centre.  Volunteers must complete the training and approval process.

We believe that this prayer line will provide hope for many people in need of prayer.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity and to potentially become a volunteer prayer partner, please click the link below to sign-up for more info.

Prayer line sign-up


Hope is something we all need and we are stepping up to do our part.  We are super excited to launch the Hope Hub to offer hope and GO BEYOND to reach our community.  The Hope Hub will consist of:

  • Hope Pantry - nonperishable items available for the community
  • Hope Kitchen - hot meals provided for the community on a monthly basis to start
  • Hope Families - eligible sponsored families will receive grocery items each week to assist with providing meals for their families
  • Hope Cafe - the Hope Kitchen will be administered through the Hope Cafe; all funds raised through the cafe when used for general purposes will be given to the Hope Hub for community outreach purposes

The Hope Hub has partnered with Food Basics and 5N2 to help address food insecurity and help vulnerable residents in our community.  We are grateful for our partners as we work together to make a greater impact.   

The Hope Hub is a big initiative and we need your support to make this program a success.  Please consider volunteering with the Hope Hub.  Click the link below to see the various areas support is needed and indicate your interest in volunteering.

Hope hub sign-up


5N2 is a local charity making a big difference in our community by providing meals and pantry support to organizations and people in need.  Their goal is to minimize hunger and food insecurity in our communities.  5N2 distributes over 4000 meals weekly to local residents, food banks, shelters, seniors and more.

We are thrilled to have 5N2 as one of our partners for the Hope Hub.  If you would like to volunteer at 5N2, please click the link below to complete their volunteer form and let them know you are from ESP.

5N2 volunteer sign-up


As a church we have set a target of 2500 hours of community impact for 2024.  Whenever you volunteer in your community, whether through ESP initiatives or other programs, please track your hours and click the link below to record your progress on a monthly basis.

We are committed to going into all the world to spread the gospel in tangible ways, in the love of Christ. With your help, we are confident we will exceed our target and more importantly, create change as we GO BEYOND!