Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”


After 40 long years of wandering in the wilderness, it was now time to move. God spoke to Joshua and he then rallied the people. Joshua told the nation of Israel, “consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you” (Joshua 3:5). Yes, it was time to move, but there was no movement without spiritual preparation. A nation of 2 million plus people moved forward in obedience and crossed over into the promised land. No one was left behind. 

The principles for our crossover remain the same today. We move forward by the power of the Holy Spirit and through prayer we crossover into the promises of God. THE CROSSOVER is a prayer and revival movement. Through partnership with each other and the Lord, we will see many people around the globe crossover from darkness to light, from sickness to health, from lack to abundance, from sorrow to joy, from death to life and more. 

Through this prayer and revival movement we will pray for each other and bring requests before the throne of grace. By joining THE CROSSOVER movement, you will have an opportunity to submit prayer requests for yourselves and for others, and these requests will be prayed for by our intercessors throughout the year. You will also have an opportunity to join the intercessory team and pray for people. 

THE CROSSOVER is not just for ESP members, but for anyone who wants to join this movement. Testimonies will be shared our website and our social media platforms.


To submit a prayer request, simply fill out the PRAYER REQUEST form and let us know how we can pray for you or those connected to you that need prayer. On the form, indicate the prayer request for yourself or someone else, whether it be for salvation, health, healing, financial breakthrough or some other request.


If you would like to join the intercessory team, fill out the Intercessor Application below. We will contact you and arrange for coaching and training. Intercessors will be assigned prayer requests and are expected to pray over these requests daily.