In the Beginning

On Jan. 9th, 1983, ESP Worship Centre had a humble beginning with its first official service held in the school gymnasium of the Pringdale Public School in Scarborough. Under the leadership of Pastors Joseph & Bea Persaud, with only ten people in attendance, the journey was on the way.

Pastor Joseph Persaud

Pastor Joseph Persaud is the founder and senior pastor of East Scarborough Pentecostal (“ESP”) Worship Centre. He is a dynamic, anointed preacher and teacher of the Word of God. A native of a small village near Georgetown, Guyana, Pastor Joseph was saved at the tender age of 14 and answered God’s call at age 16 when he began pastoring a small church. Realizing the need for formal training, he enrolled in the Assemblies of God Bible Institute and would go on to become the student body president and the highest academic achieving student.

In the following years, Pastor Joseph had the privilege of teaching at two Bible Schools of the Assemblies of God and also served as Dean of the Georgetown Bible School. After pioneering his first church from 1968, he and his family migrated to Toronto in 1983 where he then pioneered and still pastors his present congregation.

The ministry of Pastor Joseph has been marked by a strong focus on evangelism, particularly in the early years. He has preached in numerous crusades and revival meetings in many countries all over the world and has seen the power of God touch and transform lives.

Pastor and Evangelist Joseph Persaud is a dynamic man of faith with almost 50 years of experience in ministry. He has encouraged the hearts of thousands to pursue the promises of God and remain faithful to His call. Known as a pastor with a true servant’s heart, Pastor Joseph shares practical messages that are humorous, inspiring and compassionate. He and his wife, Pastor Bea, have three children and currently reside in Toronto.

Pastor Bea Persaud

Pastor Bea Persaud, affectionately known as Sis. Bea, is an outstanding woman of the Spirit and faith. She was born in Guyana, South America and was raised in a Hindu home. Her father was a Hindu Priest and his teaching of Hinduism left her empty and without a sense of true love. She was constantly tormented by the many superstitions of her religion and confused by the Hindu teaching of reincarnation.


At the age of 14, Pastor Bea attended a children's crusade where she found Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. She later enrolled in bible school where she met and would eventfully marry Pastor Joseph. In 1971, she graduated from bible school and was the second highest academic achieving student.


Pastor Bea has a unique ability to touch the hearts of children. She conducted extremely successful children's crusades and teachers’ training sessions in countries worldwide, including Surinam, the Carribbean, Europe, South Africa, India, and U.S.A. Through her ministry, Pastor Bea has seen thousands of children impacted by the Word of God and teachers re-fired with a passion for their gifting.


In the early years of pioneering East Scarborough Pentecostal Worship Centre with her husband, Pastor Bea was instrumental in initiating many of the ministries of the church. With a passion and heart for prayer, today Pastor Bea successfully leads the prayer ministries of ESP and together with Pastor Joseph, they are touching and transforming lives.



Over the past twelve years Pastor Bea’s ministry has been to lead people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  As a result hundreds of children and adults have come into this essential and wonderful experience.  



Pastor Bea is a powerful woman of prayer who will challenge and inspire you to higher heights in your walk with the Lord.